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American Bridge is a leading participant in the worldwide markets for the improvement and expansion of civil infrastructure. The company excels at the construction and rehabilitation of cable supported bridges, movable bridges, steel truss bridges, steel and concrete arch bridges, heavy marine works, military, government and security infrastructure, and any other type of structural or marine project that benefits from advanced construction engineering skills. The company owns and designs equipment for a wide variety of specialized erection tasks.

American Bridge provides services under design/build, lump sum/unit price general contracting, trade subcontracts for fab & erect or marine works, and consulting type contracts. Most international work is performed with partners. AB has participated in line item joint ventures (consortium), and pure joint ventures. AB is also participating as a partner in concession and operating contracts.

AB develops competitive advantage through applied engineering technology focused on developing a better way to build complex structures and marine works. Its engineers are empowered by a history rich in both the variety and magnitude of previous accomplishment, and they are supported by one of the largest engineering libraries in the world. This library details the precise methods that were used to construct thousands of bridges of all types, and serves as an invaluable reference point for any new project under study. The company further controls cost by self performing nearly all core work items, selective self-manufacture, equipment ownership, and regional contracting offices knowledgeable of labor, subcontractors, and materialmen in their market.

American Bridge assures successful delivery of its projects through self development of both project and field managers. This is accomplished through an industry leading training program. Civil Engineering graduates are recruited to the company through internships and direct outreach to Universities, and enter the company in the position of Field Engineer. Over their five year training program, they receive 20 weeks of in-classroom instruction covering American Bridge’s history and strategy, its cost, schedule, and project control systems, equipment fleet and usage, small tools usage, survey, construction engineering, negotiating, and many other subjects. They also are rotated through five different projects during that term, and are encouraged to obtain a masters degree in either Construction Management (offered through the company’s training program in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh), civil/structural engineering, or business administration.